Here is Another 4 Most Iconic Restaurants In Nashville

Pancake Pantry Is A Food Pantry That Specialises On Pancakes

Even when it’s raining, if you drive through this corner eatery in the fashionable Hillsboro area, you’ll likely notice a queue wrapping around the building. And the wait is well worth it. Pancake Pantry began as a parents restaurant in the 1960s and was handed down through generations for many years until being purchased by a family friend in the last few years. Every night at Pancake Pantry, you’ll witness a mix of regulars and newcomers who will undoubtedly return for more pancakes.

The key to delivering the tastiest pancakes is a batter recipe that has been passed down through generations. The batter, as well as the syrup, is produced from scratch every day. With creations such as Santa Fe pancakes (pancakes stuffed with bacon, cheese, and green chilies), Caribbean pancakes (topped with banana, nuts, coconut, and a cherry), and Chocolate Sin (pancakes dusted with cocoa powder), breakfast becomes a celebration of creativity (pancakes filled with chocolate ganache topped with raspberry compote and powdered sugar). Non-pancake eaters may indulge in build-your-own omelettes or the Grill Cook’s Medley, which is a particular favourite of mine. Hash browns are piled high on a dish, and on top of them are grilled ham, onions, tomato, peppers, and eggs.

Pro Tips: Pancake Shoppe does not accept bookings and does not maintain a waiting list. You stand and wait, and when you reach front, you are escorted to your seat. However, the wait isn’t too horrible since there’s fresh and healthy coffee outside and, on sometimes, a street musician searching for a few dollars to make ends meet.

Tootsies Orchid Lounge Is Located In The Heart Of Downtown

Honky-tonks border Broadway in downtown Nashville for many city blocks, and Tootsies Orchid Lounge is one of the establishments that may be found there. Tootsies is a Memphis institution, despite the fact that it is not as glamorous as most of the other pubs along the often boisterous strip. Tootsie Bess purchased the house in 1960 she renamed it when a worker colored the façade purple. It was formerly known as “Mom’s.”

Visiting Poor feet is like having a private conversation with one of country music’s greatest stars. A slew of singers and composers have performed on one of the venue’s three stages over the course of many decades. According to one myth, Willie Nelson’s first songwriting job came as a result of his performance at Tootsies. This establishment serves pub fare, such as pretzel bits, french fries, and such. However, after you see the “Tootsies Wall of Fame” and listen to the musical performances, you won’t care about anything else.

For those who dislike crowds, avoid travelling here on a Friday or Saturday night, when Broadway becomes especially boisterous.

Pro Tip: Instead, opt for a quick lunch throughout the week. You’ll receive the same ambiance and live music as you would if there weren’t so many people around.

Puckett’s Restaurant And Grocery 

When you visit Puckett’s Restaurant and Grocery, you may enjoy classic southern cuisine while listening to the music music on the weekends. When Puckett’s first opened its doors in the 1950s in the picturesque community of Leiper’s Fork, it was a tiny grocery shop (about 30 minutes south of Nashville). Since then, it has grown to include six restaurants around the province and has established itself as a well-known concert hall that has hosted a number of well-known artists. Make sure to check out the restaurant‘s event page for information on future music; there is live music almost every evening of the week there.

From breakfast to supper, the food at Puckett’s will provide you with that typical southern experience. Breakfast favourites such as whiskey-glazed cinnamon buns, build-your-own biscuits, fried chicken & pancakes will keep you satisfied. Dinner includes a real southern classic — the meat & three — in which you choose one meat and four side dishes from a selection. Puckett’s smokes all of its own meat, including the meatloaf, in-house. Oh, and still sells food, so feel free to stock up on supplies if you need them.

Bobbie’s Dairy Dip (also known as Bobbie’s Dairy Dip)

After you’ve finished visiting most of these places, it’s time to indulge in some sweet treats! Take a trip over to Bobbie’s Dairy Dip if you’re looking for some authentic old-fashioned ice cream. It first opened its doors in 1951, and nothing has evolved since then. This cafe and ice cream parlour in West Nashville has retained its 1950s aesthetic to this day. No inside dining or a drive-thru are available; instead, there is simply a walk-up counter and a few outside tables.

The burger, hot dogs, & fries are all well regarded, but the milkshake are the major draw at this establishment. Add bacon, coffee, or sweets to a normal mocha or vanilla shake to turn it into something a little more interesting. Other delectable sweets include hot fudge chocolate milkshakes, banana splits, & hand-dipped cones in a variety of flavours that change on a regular basis. Bobbie’s Dairy Dip is quite popular, so expect a long line, but it will be worth it!

Pro tip: Bobbie’s Dairy Dip will be closed for a few weeks during the winter months, so call ahead but double the hours if you want to come during that time period..


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