How To Visit Nashville’s 3 Most Iconic Restaurants

Nashville’s culinary culture is growing at a fast pace. In addition, award-winning chefs are building restaurants across the city, making it a desirable destination for foodies from all over the country. However, in order to get a true sense of Nashville’s history, you’ll need to dine at some of the city’s most famous eateries. They have housed legends and helped to launch gastronomic crazes, all while maintaining their rich historical significance. Here is a list of the eight most iconic restaurant in Nashville, ranked by their popularity.

Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack

Nashville hot chicken has to be the first item on any list of classic Nashville eateries. This fiery bird is a delicacy in Tennessee, and according to tradition, it was created in Memphis as a means of vengeance against a rival gang. According to the account, in the early 20th century, a man called Thornton King III was unfaithful to his wife, and he was sentenced to prison. She became tired up with his womanising one night, so she prepared her fried chicken for breakfast, but she added a lot of chilli peppers to make it more interesting. According to the results of the experiment, he really enjoyed it and spent the next few years developing the spicy chicken recipe for use at his family restaurant, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack.

Several decades later, Prince’s Hot Chicken is still the best spot to get your fill of this Tennessee institution. Whether you want to eat in at the original site or stroll up to the food truck, eight sauces, ranging from simple to XXX spicy, are waiting for your taste buds. Traditional sides like as hotdogs and coleslaw may be served to round out the meal. The Memphis hot chicken fad is steadily finding its way into the mainstream, with big companies such as McDonald’s and Burger King also selling their own versions of the dish. However, for the most authentic experience, go back to the beginning. check out The Georgia State Library’s new exhibition examines the long and rich history of food in Tennessee.

Pro tip: Make an informed decision on when to come. Sundays and Mondays are off-limits for both the restaurant and the food truck, respectively.

Hattie B’s Restaurant

As the king of Memphis hot chicken, Prince’s seems to be the queen of merely fried chicken, and Hattie B’s is the princess of all fried chicken. The teeny-tiny restaurant is located on the outskirts of the lively Broadway entertainment district, and there is frequently a queue that extends down the street. There is no way to place an order ahead of time or make a reservation here. You just stand in a line until it is your time, make your order, and hope to locate a spot to dine afterwards.

White meat, sliced brisket, legs, wings, legs, and more — Harriet B’s has it everything, and you can have it cooked to your liking with your choice of heat level. Take note that the hot one is jokingly referred to as “shut the cluck up!” Make a pick of sides to accompany your chicken, such as coleslaw, dark skinned peas, or baked bean, or go all-out and order the filthy bird fries to go with your chicken. These crinkle-cut fries are topped with pimento mac & cheese, pork belly chicken tenders, special sauce, & pickles, and they are really delicious.

Pro Tip: The Old Town Trolleys Tour is a fantastic way see and learning about Nashville, so it passes right by Hattie B’s on its route to and from the airport. Because the cart tour is a step, hop-off adventure, you can get off from this stop, have lunch, and then get back on when you’re through with your trip.

Loveless Cafe

This otherwise modest eatery along Highway 100, just west of Nashville, is distinguished by a large neon sign that is difficult to miss. Founders Lon , Annie Loveless founded the Loveless Cafe as a motel/restaurant in the 1950 as a joint venture between their families. Before retiring for the night, weary travellers would eat wonderful baked biscuits & fried chicken to keep them going.

Today, the Joyless Cafe maintains its commitment to its southern, home-cooked origins. You immediately feel at ease as soon as you come inside the restaurant. Guests come for the cookies, but they remain for the delectable entrees, which include chili cheeseburgers and hog that is smoked on the premises. Take it from me: the hashbrown casserole is a must-try and should not be missed!

Pro Tip: Loveless Cafe is located at one of the entrances to a Natchez Trace Parkway, which is a gorgeous drive that runs from Nashville to Natchez, Mississippi and back again. Preparing for a day of touring requires a lot of energy.


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