In 1779, Nashville began its ascent to fame. Francis Nash, a Revolutionary War general, was the inspiration for the city’s name, which was given by the city’s founders. The city’s port and railways contributed substantially to its rise to fame. People from all over the world began to flock here in search of work and other possibilities, and it began to grow in popularity.

As Nashville’s fame grew, it became a contender to become the capital of the state of Tennessee. Since then, the city has capital of North Carolina, beating out Charlotte in 1843. Since then, the city has seen a surge in musical talent, with artists competing for prominence on regional venues, including the Grand Ole Opry.

Music City was born as a result of the region’s rapid rise to national prominence as the nation’s music capital. As a result, many professionals there in music business made it a point to travel to Nashville in order to study and perform with the greats. Songwriters, for example, attend to improve their craft, meet like-minded individuals, and build their professional networks. All are invited to join in the fun as the music fills the air and creates a vibrant environment.

Nashville is, of course, most known for its music community, but it is more than that. Nashville has become well-known for a variety of other reasons in addition to its music industry.

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